How Do You Promote a Hotel Through Online Marketing? Part 2

Part 2 – Get the Word Out

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we focused on how to zoom in on what you have to offer and speak to the people you want to attract.

So if you’ve followed the steps in Part 1, you can easily explain what’s special about your hotel and you now have a great website that tells that story for you.(P.S. if you DON'T have a great website, we can help with that.)

Now, how do you send people to your site and get the word out about your property? Here are some tactics you can consider.

Paid Advertising

Newer advertising platforms such as Facebook, allow you to really zero in on the type of potential guests who are most likely to enjoy your property. If you’re set up for family fun, you can target parents in definitive geographies, with specific interests. Getting started with Facebook advertising is relatively easy and you could start by doing a small, test advertisement to help you get comfortable. You can also learn more about how to advertise on Facebook with these online tutorials. 

Content and Social Media

Getting the word out about your property is important. You can use social media channels to share content that puts your business in the best possible light. Share photos of your property or signature dish, behind-the-scenes videos of your kitchen in action or a photo album of a recent tour you organized.

The most important thing you can do when embarking on a social media project is to be organized and commit to posting interesting content on your social channels on a regular basis. The easiest way to do this is to make a plan and stick to it. Set up calendar reminders for yourself and do some planning ahead.

Start off by making a commitment for how often you’ll post original content and when and how quickly you’ll commit to answering questions or comments people post on your channels.

Then begin building a “bank” of content you can draw from. For example, gather your property photos in one place and create short, interesting captions for each. These can be used as individual posts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Influencer Marketing

The world is full of people who travel the globe and tell the world about their experiences. These are people with large followings on their own social channels or blogs. They are also compensated by restaurants, hotels and tour operators for any content they create to promote those businesses. They can be incredibly valuable to your marketing plan, because they have a large, built-in, authentic audience eager to consume their information. Finding the right influencers to partner with is important. You’ll want people who align with your brand and will be interested in what you have to offer. For example, if you’re running a hotel that specializes in looking after young couples with no children, you probably won’t want to team up with a mommy blogger.

You can begin by doing some research. Some social media tools will help you find people who are influential about certain topics. You can also begin by doing Google searches to find travel blogs, and by searching Instagram hashtags to find interesting accounts and so on. Once you’ve come up with a list of influencers who match your brand, you can begin trying to build relationships with them. Be clear from the beginning about your goals and what you can offer them in return. Remember to nurture that relationship. If they come for one visit, treat them well in the moment, but then do your best to keep in touch by sharing/commenting/favouriting their content and by sending them news about your business when it makes sense, along with the occasional special offer. Here’s a good article by Forbes on influencer marketing. 

And if you need advice about how to get going, we're happy to chat about how we can help. Just get in touch.