Why You Might Need a New Website

First of all, if you don’t have a site, you need one. Modern travellers expect to find the official information they need about hours of operation, location, phone numbers and menus online. Having a Facebook page is a good marketing step, but it’s not enough. You need to claim your space on the web and give your business a proper home so people can find it via search/links from social and so on.

Think of your website like the online version of a storefront. Your potential clients and customers should look at it and be excited to engage with your business, just like a storefront window would work to bring customers into the store.

If you do have a site, it’s important to take a moment (we know you’re busy, but this will help you in the long run) to ask yourself “is my website working as hard for my business as I need it to?”

Here are some ways you can determine whether or not you should update your site or get a brand new one.

1      Does your site look great on mobile phones, tablets and laptops/desktops?

Modern guests and travellers expect to be able to easily find, read and interact with information on whatever device they’ve got with them at any given time. Your site should work properly on a variety of important screen sizes and allow site users to do things like click on your phone number from their mobile phone and have it automatically dial your business.

If you’re having issues with content and photos not working properly or looking their best on phones or tablets, it’s important you address these issues.

2       Is it easy to find key information?

In an ideal world, your site should be set up to allow your users to easily access the information that’s important to them and increases the chances of them visiting your restaurant, booking your hotel or tour and so on. Take a quick look at your site. Is it easy for a user to find contact info, hours of operation, location, menus/room info etc? If not, simplifying the way your site is organized is important.

3      Is your site beautiful and professional?

You want people to be excited about your business. That means you site needs to make your menu items look delicious/your rooms and grounds look desirable/your tours to seem like the perfect option. Simply put – your site should be easy on the eye and contain high-quality (if possible) photos of your business and what you’re offering clients and customers.

If your site doesn’t look professional and/or attractive, it can put your whole business in a negative light.

4. Is your site cluttered?

Sometimes we’re tempted to put a lot of information on our webpages. We want to squeeze in as many words as we possibly can. This can overwhelm those who visit your site – especially if they’re looking at it on their phones. Ideally webpages should be clean and clear. If your site is trying to do too many things on each page, it’s important to think about ways it can be updated, refreshed and simplified.

5. Is your competitors’ site better?

Your site should be as good or better than your competition. Take a look at the businesses you compete with. How are they doing with their website? If a potential customer compared the two, which would seem more engaging and enticing? If you do this comparison with a number of competitive sites and see that your website isn’t besting the competition, it’s time to think about an update or overhaul.

If you want to talk about any of these topics with us, we’re happy to help with advice and ideas. Just contact us.