Top Five Ways to Prepare for Your New Website

There are easy steps you can take to get ready for your new website design and launch. 

There are easy steps you can take to get ready for your new website design and launch. 

Hooray! You’re ready for a new website to promote your business. It’s an exciting time and you want to make sure it gets done on time.

After years in the business we’ve come up with five simple ways you can best prepare your materials and yourself for the new site to avoid delays or extra costs.

1. Get ready to provide the company who’s helping you design and build your site (like us!) with the information they’ll need to get things right. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Take a look at some websites you like and jot down what you like about them.
  • Make a list of the things you don’t like, including colours, specific fonts and so on.

2. Think about what you’d say to a potential customer if you were trying to convince them to choose your business and what makes it special. Write those ideas down. You don’t have to write perfect sentences, just bullet points and key ideas.

3. Outline the most important information you want to provide to your customers in order of priority and gather the info in one place so it’s easy to email and share with your agency or consultant. Here’s a list of the type of information you’ll want to consider and prioritize:

  • Amenities
  • Services
  • Contact information
  • Hours and location
  • About Us
  • Menu
  • Room details
  • Customer endorsements
  • Company logo

4. Gather all available photos in one place - your site will need photos and chances are you’ve got some on your desktop, some filed away, some on your camera and so on. Gather them in one centralized location so it’s easy to share them with the agency or consultant who’s helping you launch the site.

5. Ask yourself the following questions and start thinking writing down your answers. These answers help your agency or consultant structure your content and ensure the story of your business comes through loud and clear.

  • What year was your business established?
  • What is your background in this industry?
  • Where did you learn your craft or trade?
  • In one line, how would you describe your business to friends, family or potential customers?

Bonus Tip: Set aside time to carefully review the copy and design of your site. When you work with a company like Design4Travel, we’ll send you an initial design of your site to gather feedback on the colour, layout and the copy. The best thing you can do, to keep your project timeline on track, is to take uninterrupted time to look at that design and read the copy to make sure it matches what your customers need to hear and is aligned with your business’s story. It’s much easier to make changes to a site at the beginning of a project than halfway through, that’s why it’ll help speed things along if you take a close, careful look the first time around.

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